November 4, 2018

I gave him back his keys today—

keys that open the doors to the dream house we built



our son left his winter coat in my car and will

need it for school tomorrow

but it’s Daddy’s day.


I press my ear to the door like a stalker

and make out laughter echoing from warm walls of

the home where I used to belong


Instead, I shiver in the rain


Yet I have to pry myself from the front porch

towards a car with empty car seats

and leftover breakfast crumbs

from when it was still my day.


There is just enough wind that the front porch

swing sways and I remember the way we all once

fit together


I crawl from the home we built and the

family we raised

thankful for the pouring rain that drowns

my howling escaping on the outskirts


Of laughter


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