To My Survivor Sisters

September 29, 2018

Bravery shifts and swirls, shouts and whispers

but bravery is bravery—

be it trembling from a voice in a courtroom

or sobbing beneath the covers, feeling the feelings of

acknowledging for the first time, yes that was rape


Bravery shrinks and grows, stretches and swims

but bravery is bravery—

be it whispering your story for the first time

or shouting your story in an elevator to a Senator—

such close proximity there is no choice but to listen.


Bravery crawls and leaps, spins and stands

but bravery is bravery—

be it a #whyididntreport post on Twitter

or telling yourself 

it wasn’t my fault.


Bravery dances and stops, slips and sleeps

but bravery is bravery—

be it telling your mother the things her brother did

or teaching your daughter the definition of consent

Permission, Agreement


Bravery tiptoes and stomps, skates and twists

but bravery is bravery—

be it speaking trauma out loud in therapy

or writing your story to a stranger

in order to release shame that should have never been yours.


Bravery sways and reaches, freezes and sits

but bravery is bravery—

be it calling the police to file a report

or understanding why you kept quiet all these years

when you land in a space that feels like grace


Bravery sings and groans, aches and moans

but bravery is bravery—

be it marching along Capitol Hill with a #metoo poster

or teaching your son to ask before hugging a friend

No means no, my love


Bravery weeps and mourns, grieves and yearns

but bravery is bravery—

be it shouting from a stage for justice

or praying for the woman who brought your daddy down

“But deliver us from evil…”


Whether you were able to tell your story

or just get out of bed this morning—

You are surviving, brave survivor.


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