Her Story [Poetry]

January 30, 2019

Her story.


It is melted like wax and spreads miles in every direction

where strangers ice skate across what has been blown out

and rewrite her identity—

they, she—are one.


Her story.


It is scarred with wounds old and new

the memories that cycle like tumbleweeds briefly blown

in another direction before settling, splitting skin

wide open.


Her story.


It walks on stilts across graveyards, poking crumbled soil where her ghosts are buried.

They resurrect themselves when she sleeps, when she wakes,

when she loses consciousness

the haunting shrinks.


Her story.


It has been lit on fire and turned to ashes.  Debris, melted metal, rubble, ruins

Chaos.  Her life leaves a trail of black soot that is later bulldozed

and buried

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